National LGBT Health Summit 2012

Isolation, Integration and Impact

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The LGBT Health Summit was founded in 2006 to provide a safe, supportive and exciting space for individuals, organisations and activists to come together to discuss, debate and challenge thinking and practice on LGBT health issues in the UK!

The 2012 Summit was held in Canterbury, Kent at the University of Kent on 13th & 14th September.

It was hosted by the LGBT Health Summit 2012 Consortium, the successful bidding partnership headed up by Metro, Kent Community Health NHS Trust, Kent Transgender Forum and the Centre for Gender, Sexuality and Law, University of Kent.  It represents a real partnership approach to ensuring that the Summit has both national and local significance, relevance and impact.

Click here to find out more about the Summit and for the 2012 Programme & Plenary Presentations

**** LGBT Health Summit 2013 still needs a host!!  Please download the Application Pack if you are interested & contact Mark Delacour of the National Consortium of LGBT VCOs for more information.****